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BB King-Grand Junction, CO

May 17th, 2015

It breaks my heart to see another one of my all time favorite artists pass away. BB King has been an inspiration to me since I began playing the drums in 1964. I had the fortunate opportunity to see BB and Lucille at the Buell Theater in Denver, Colorado to a packed house in approx 1971 with Robin Henderson. We went to the Buell Theater dressed as we always dressed and sat in the middle of a crowd of people dressed to the nine's to witness the blues at it's finest. The crowd was 98 percent Afro Americans and they were all dressed to the hilt and we had the time of our lives. Then again last August with Valerie Tucker here in Grand Junction Colorado we had the incredible opportunity to work with BB King and his entire crew to set up and run with Snob Productions, one of his last concerts ever performed by the King Of The Blues. It was so awesome to see the King one more time although at 89 years old his age was defiantly showing as he was brought to the stage in a wheelchair and helped by several of his bodygaurds up on the stage and ready to play. It amazed me that he still rode in the tour bus and played different venues every night all the way up too his death May 14th, 2015, just last Tuesday. It was indeed a thrill for me to work one of his last shows and after the show we were able to see BB and Lucille as they left the backstage area to the bus. I feel blessed to have witnessed this incredible legend just one more time....RIP B.B King for you are the King Of The Blues my friend......

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