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Suburu Winterfest 2019...Copper edition!

It was a cold winter day when we arrived to Copper Mountain. After a few hours of work we erected our Stageline SL100 mobile stage. The way that it is constructed reminds me of Optimus Prime! When it arrives it appears to be a normal 26 foot trailer but after we park it and fly the wings (the roof) and drop the deck (the part of the stage that artists perform on), it is transformed into a 24' by 20' stage. It's always an awesome time working with the Powdr crew at Copper Mountain and Peak Performances Inc. Along with the help we received from both crews we were able to put together an incredible weekend of shows, despite the frigid conditions! Lukas Nelson & The Promise of the Real rocked the stage on Saturday, leaving Langhorne Slim & The Law to perform on Sunday! As always, putting in the hours of tedious work resulted with an amazing weekend of entertainment! 📷: Curtis Devore, Copper Mountain

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