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Copper Mountain has had some incredible acts perform this year! They decided to finish the year off strong by having a double header for their End of Season Party. Andy Grammer kicked the weekend off on April 20th and The Struts rocked the stage on the 21st. The team at Copper Mountain and Peak Performance really know how to bring in some killer acts! For last year's party they had The Mighty Mighty Bosstones & Marchfourth Marching Band. These are the kinds of shows that make a stage tech, audio engineer, lighting designer, etc. really take a step back and realize why it is we love doing what we do. Sure we put in some painstakingly long hours, but the pay off is always worth it. Seeing complete strangers getting down to the musical vibes and just forgetting the worries of the world, even just for an hour or two, is an incredible sensation to come to terms with the fact that we had an crucial part to play in it. Thank you Copper Mountain, Production Services International, Peak Performances, and of course all the crew at Snob Productions for helping make these shows happen!

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